Kasper Kiiskinen

Welcome to my portfolio!

About me

I'm 20-something year old guy from Finland

I like to follow new technology and eSports

I also like to make and play games as you may see

Playing floorball and geocaching is pretty fun too!

I think you can quess that I also like to watch movies and listen to music :D

Work & School

Currently I'm working at Avanade Finland as a Solution Developer. I have been mainly focusing on Microsoft Technologies.

I have been involved in different projects like: big public sector project as a UI/UX prototyper & I have been working as a Technical Advisor / Developer in Hololens project.

Before that I worked at Metropolia as a trainee for 2 years developing different web applications. I worked mainly with php and symfony framework (Fullstack)

I graduated in 2016 from Helsinki Metropolia University of Apllied Sciences as Bachelor of Engineering in IT.

2012 - I was in army in signal corps

2011 - Graduated from college

I was born in Joensuu!



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